About ME

Swaraj Das was Born in 1983 in Kolkata.
Upon noticing a glimpse of artistic talent in him at an early age, Swaraj has come up as one with the contemporary painters of unique promise and repute. His original expression and skill as a painter has earned a remarkable position especially in the legendary arena of Indian art. Tireless in his work, he never feels fatigued in fulfilling the demand of his soul.

Swaraj is much like the West Wind in Shelley-s poetry. He consumed the joyof life to create his imageries. The abstraction which matters in his paintings, though apparently endowed with non-existence, are really the careful organization of his experiences of life and that was what he has rearranged through melting and overlapping colours to make his paintings more like a poem of a true soul, peaceful, with reys of hope and therefore has asense of God's love.

It is in this way Swaraj goes on searching for the peace through chaos, for the concrete through abstract, for the reality through non-reality. Swaraj-s paintings have gone abroad to earn more appreciation. His contribution to the Indian painting has already invited mercenary transactions with the professional collectors and wayfaring buyers of the land and abroad. Swaraj is loved by his admirers and buyers, even blessed by the occasional visitors of his art gallery.

His work aims at capturing various colors, phases and moods, from streets narrowed by building-blocks, morning light, monsoon, afternoon, midday and a lot more to do with various aspects of life and nature. His paintings are on canvas and paper, using transparent watercolor, acrylic and oil techniques and mediums. His different visions of cities, villages and it-s people are manifesting themselves in melting and overlapping colors. His shapes transform into shapelessness, his use ofcolors transmute into one constant. He has deconstructed images in order to create them anew. Thus, Swaraj continually searches for the peace through chaos, for the concrete through abstraction, for the reality through the unreal.

The sense of using space, soft muted colors, strong light, mysterious moods in weather all add up to an original interpretation of water color and his extreme inner peace and dedication to this medium.